Anupama is a popular Hindi Television drama that was originally released in July 2020 on Star Plus and is also present on Disney+ Hotstar to watch later. This serial was directed by the famous director of Indian dramas Romesh Kalra and its producers are Deepa Shahi produced under the Director’s Kut production.

Anupama loves her family and husband. Anupama Shah is an independent married woman with all the challenges and difficulties that she faced in maintaining all the discipline and her family. Her husband Vanraj Shah is a worker in a company and she had an affair with his neighbor’s wife. Kavya Gandhi was a very greedy woman and she only wanted the money of Vanraj. She came to know about her husband’s affair and then she got separated from him and started her own life alone far from that family. She had three kids one of them was Samar. Samar falls in love with the nephew of Kavya and her mother doesn’t know about this. What will happen? Does Anupama get married to Karan? Watch all the upcoming episodes here.

Anupama is a popular Indian Hindi Language TV drama that was officially released in October 2020 on Star Plus. This serial contain various social matter issue and this was also present on Disney+ Hotstar and Dramaschannel. This serial was directed by Romesh Kalra and this was produced under Director’s Kut Production by Ekra Kapoor and Shobha Kapoor.