Imlie Serial Cast, Twist Story, Spoilers, and Latest News

Imlie Serial Cast:

In this serial various stars from the Indian serial-making industry came into view Sumbul Touqeer played the main female leading role, and Gashmer Mahajani played the male leading role in this serial. Karan Vohra Atharva Rana and many other actors are present in this serial.

Imlie Plot story:

Imlie is a teenage girl who lives in the village of Pagdandia according to the rules of that village if a woman spends a night with any man then they must marry her in any case they torture both of them and murder them.

Imlie Written Updates With Full Storyline:

The story starts with a teenage girl who lives in the village of Pagdandia according. The same thing happened with this girl. When a journalist Aditya aka Adi came to that village to learn about the culture and traditions of that village. He had to face something that he had to face heavy rainfall and Imlie who as humanity provided him a shelter in her house and he spent a night in that house. When villagers came into they forced them to marry otherwise they must kill both of them. Adi agreed to marry Imlie brought her to the city and introduced her to a maid in the family.

Aditya had already a fiance Natasha and she loved him very much both of them getting married soon. On the day of the wedding, he tells everything about her marriage to Imlie and Natasha thinks that was a trick. To know the truth she changed her identity and went to that village where she came to know about the whole story and the truth about Imlie that she was her Half-sister as her father spent a night with her mother and then left them alone. Her father was a great businessman and a famous man in the city while she never believed that her father could do anything like this but when she talked about this to her mother. she told her all the truth and she started to hate her father. Natasha revealed all the truth to the family and then Imlie became the daughter of Aditya’s family.

it is also available on Disney+ Hotstar. Aditya gave a divorce to Imlie and went for Natasha while in the meantime she fell for Karan and both of them decided to marry soon. Aditya realizes her mistake and keeps searching for Imlie to say sorry to her and then they come back together again. On the other hand, Imlie also fell for him and waited for him as she believed that he had come to her and everything was fine.

Imlie Latest News:

Karan was a very famous man in New Delhi for his business and he liked Imlie. Imlie wanted to become a journalist like Adi because she really liked his work and always appreciated him. What will happen next? Does Aditya realize his mistake and accept Imlie? To know that stay connected with us Dramaschannel.


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