Pandya Store Serial Cast, Twist, Story, Spoilers, News and Plot story

Pandya Store Realse Date:

On January 25, 2021, Star Plus began showing an underutilised television program named Pandya Store. It’s a very popular Indian appearance.

Pandya Store Plot story:

A large number of people wanted to see this film because of its unique story ideas and startling twists. This appearance is also available online through Disney+ Hotstar, a streaming service. This dramatisation was created by Indian executive Pradeep Yadav, who previously worked on various well-known Indian movies and shows on television. Sunjoy Waddhwa and Commal Sunjoy Waddhwa make an appearance.

Pandya Store Serial Cast And Main Roles:

The on-screen figures in this appearance enthralled the crowd with their performances. This TV show features many widely recognised Indian television personalities and characters. Glittering Doshi was observed by an entourage of people for her role as Dhara in this appearance. Kinshuk Mahajan, an acclaimed on-screen character, portrayed Gautum in this appearance. He is well-known in the dramatisation sector for his lovely looks and completing abilities.

Pandya Store Written Updates With Full Storyline:

The plot of the Pandya Store serial begins in a typical household, where the entire family relies on the Pandya Store grocery chain for financial support. Gautum, the oldest son, took over and cared for the family after his father, Pandya Sharma, died of diabetes. He completed all of his tasks thoroughly and with care. Gautum could not go to school anymore since he needed to care for his three younger brothers and his mom, who was getting old. After a few years, he and Dhara married. They had loved each other since they were children, and Dhara was a dedicated and modest woman.

In the present episode, Shalini thinks that people like Amrish should be punished. Amrish is wondering when she won the elections. Natasha wants to know who this is. Chirag says he doesn’t know. Dhawal did not get the job. He watches the beauty pageant ad and remembers what the lady said. Amrish says it’s okay. You should fill out the form and join in. Natasha is happy and showing her teeth. Amba and everyone feel surprised.

Dhawal meets the woman and tells her that he has organized events in college and managed the festival. The lady says you’ll do well here. You’ll work with the backstage team and make 30000rs. Is that alright with you? He agrees She says you can begin working right now. Isha arrives at the contest location. 

He goes to learn about the things he needs to do for work. Dolly said that your clinic is opening and you have the opportunity to join a beauty contest. Pranali says I am feeling anxious. Amba says that you are doing something that you shouldn’t be doing. Amrish says we have to close our companies and we have to give 50 crores tomorrow. We have no other choice. Amba says it’s not right to take money from women. Dolly thinks it’s great that Amrish agreed.  

She gives Hetal a lot of support and motivation. Bhaven agrees with Mom. He says to talk to Shalini and give her money to finish the issue. Amrish doesn’t believe that I would be willing to show respect to Shalini.

Pandya Store Serial Upcoming Story Twist:

Natasha says the first part of the beauty contest is wearing a swimsuit. Pranali wants to know if Amrish and Amba will harm us. Natasha says if we want to regain their respect, then we have to do this. Leave it to me. What will happen in future episodes? Stay connected with us on our website Dramaschannel and enjoy all of the upcoming episodes for free.

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