Udaariyan is one of the best productions of Colors TV that appeared on the screens on Indian Television in March 2021. The popularity and uniqueness of this serial are hidden in the story and the cast members of the serial. The story of this serial is based on romance and the cast members of this serial include various Indian hit drama actors like Twinkle Arora, Hitesh Bharadwaj, and Ankit Gupta. This serial was directed by Sargun Mehta.


The plot of the Udaariyaan serial begins with dreams of three friends sitting together on the last day of college, Fateh, Tejo, and Jasmine. All of them tell their dreams but their fate brought them in the opposite direction. Jasmine and Fateh fell for each other but Tejo was also in love with Fateh but never expressed for her friend, Jasmine ran from her wedding and then Fateh and Tejo got married. Jasmine did this because Fateh lost his job and wanted to spend his life in India. Jasmine wanted to go out of India to improve her life.


Fateh and Tejo come close together and then their love story begins. To watch all the episodes of this serial contact us on our website Dramaschannel and get attached to it to watch all the serials.