KumKum Bhagya Serial Cast, Upcoming Twist, Story, Spoilers, News and Crew

KumKum Bhagya Produced by  :

KumKum Bhagya is Zee TV’s show that has been on for a long time and is considered one of the best Indian TV shows. Ravindra Gautam directed this TV show for Balaji Films Production.

KumKum Bhagya Realse Date:

This show started on April 15, 2014, and has a really interesting story that keeps getting better.

KumKum Bhagya Serial Cast with real names (Actos and Actress):

Ekta and Shobha Kapoor make movies and TV shows. The actors in the show KumKum Bhagya became very popular because fans loved their acting. This show has a lot of Indian actors. Sriti Jha is the main actress and plays Pragya. Shabir Ahluwalia is the main actor. This play has many famous people in it, such as Mugdha Chaphekar, Krishna Kaul, and Abrar Qzai.

KumKum Bhagya Written Updates With Full Storyline:

Sarla is the main character in the KumKum Bhagya show and she is a single mom. She had a place for weddings in the city and two girls. Her daughters got older, and Pragya, the oldest, was a very nice person. When people saw Abhi, a famous rock star, they didn’t like it. Alia, Pragya’s sister, was romantically involved with Abhi’s friend Purab, even though he had feelings for Bulbul. When Alia finds out that Purab loves someone else and thinks she is that person, she makes her brother marry Pragya instead, which makes Pragya unhappy. Her brother did it to make Alia happy. Pragya made Abhi’s grandma happy and she asked for Pragya’s hand.

In the present episode, He tells her to check the phone. Prachi says she’s excited and plans to go. Ashok is trying to prevent her from doing something. Harleen says she will leave. Harman said that we will go. Grandpa asks them to wait. Vikram thinks there should be a barrier there. Grandpa wants them to wait for half an hour. Ashok also tells her to wait for 30 minutes. Suddenly, Prachi receives a call from a number she doesn’t recognize. She answers the phone. Poorvi calls her mother. They want to know if you are okay and if you are safe from the riots. Where are you? Prachi said we will come and get you. RV answers the phone and says, “Poorvi is with me and I will make sure she gets home safely. 

RV assures her that he will bring her to safety and then hangs up the phone. Poorvi tells him to phone his home. RV talks to his grandpa on the phone. Harleen and Harman tell him to answer the phone. Grandpa answers the phone. RV says that he is stuck in a dangerous situation with a lot of fighting, but he promises that we will leave there and come back home safely. Harleen asked who was with him. Dadu says maybe some people are hiding with him.

KumKum Bhagya Serial Latest News:

 Latest News of KumKum Bhagya Poorvi ties her scarf to his hand. She says you have a fever and it needs to come down. He wants to know why you are taking care of me so well. Poorvi wants to know why you always come to help me whenever I’m in trouble. He says, “I think I could answer, but some questions don’t have an answer. ” RV has a headache and he is resting his head on her shoulder because it hurts. In the morning, Poorvi and RV are sitting down, but they are not too close to each other. 

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