Udaariyaan Serial Cast, Twist Story, Spoilers, and Latest News

Udaariyaan Realse Date:

Udaariyaan is a hit Indian TV serial that was produced by Colors TV and appeared on the screens of Indian television in March 2021.

Udaariyaan Plot Story:

This serial is still running and almost 3 seasons of this serial have come out till now. This serial was directed by the famous Indian drama serial director, Uttam Ahlawat. He directed various Indian hit serials. The producers of this serial are Ravi Dubey and Sargun Mehta.

The Cast Members of The Udaariyan Serial With Real Names (Actors & Actresses) And Main Role:

The popularity of this serial is hidden in the cast and crew of the serial, in this case, you can see various Indian drama stars, and each of them has a fan following. The main role of Jasmine was played by Twinkle Arora, she is a great actress and worked in various serials like Jhanak. The other actress, Priyanka Chahar played the role of tejo in this serial and various other actors. In season 2, various new actors are represented like Hitesh Bharadwaj and many others.

Udaariyaan Written Updates With Full Storyline:

The story of the Udaariyaan serial started from their dreams while they were sitting on their college bench at their Farewell party. Tejo, Jasmine, and Fateh were the three friends. They all were in love with each other and formed a love triangle around them. Jasmine wanted to go out of the country and start her life but Fateh was in love with him and their marriage got fixed.

Before their marriage, Fateh lost his job because of some reasons and then Jasmine also left him because she saw no future in him. She refused to marry him and ran from the wedding. After that Tejo was forced to get married to Fateh for the sake of their family reputation. Then their love story started, tejo was in love with Fateh but Fateh still liked Jasmine, and then Tejo tried her best to make him mine. For that sake, she did everything that happy her, and after some time they fell for each other.

A twist came in the story and then Jasmine came back to that family, first, they refused to accept her but after that they allowed her to live with them. Jasmine then met with Armaan who was the younger brother of Fateh. They decided to get married and after that in a year, everything changed after the sudden death of Armann due to a crash. This turns the story.

Jasmine lost hope for her and then he met with someone else Arjun and then got married to him and got settled in Canada. Here Tejo dies and In the next season, Fateh goes to London and meets with someone who looks exactly like Tejo git married to her, and brings her to India. After that they have a baby girl, Natasha, and their lives get changed.

Udaariyaan Upcoming Gossip:

In the next episode, you can see that Natasha grew up and then she wanted to know about her parents who died in a plane crash. What will happen in upcoming episodes? To watch all the upcoming episodes stay connected with us on our website Dramaschannel and enjoy them for free.

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