Chand Jalne Laga Serial Cast, Upcoming Twist Story, News and Spoilers

Chand Jalne Laga Serial Cast:

In this serial, you can easily see many stars of the Indian drama Industry like Vishal Aditya Singh a famous actor played the role of Dev Malik as the hero of this serial.  

Chand Jalne Laga Main Roles:

Kanika Mann played the role of Tara Sehgal who was the princess of the moon in this serial and many other stars also played many roles in this serial.

Chand Jalne Laga Written Updates With Full Storyline:

The story of “Chand Jalne Laga begins with two children “Dev Malik and Tara Sehgal” who were very close friends from their school time they like each other very much and for that, they make a promise that they never get separated from each other in any case. But their family Dev moved to a new city and they got separated from each other. Both of them have a unique connection with the moon and if any trouble came on the moon both of them suffered from that pain.

in this way both connected with the moon and with each other. they love each other in case and become each other soulmates till the end of their life. They miss each other. After 20 years, both of them grew up and the evil people of that earth wanted the power of the moon and take control over the moon. Dev Malik grew up and he realized that he was born to protect the moon from these evil people as he was the prince of the moon and if he didn’t save it then no one would see the moon again.

On the other hand, Tara feels the same as Dev and she also suffers whenever any problem is produced for it. Dev started his journey to the moon where he fought with some unusual powers and there he saw a princess who fought better than he was already there. That princess knew how to defeat them but in protecting them she got injured and then the hero of the moon took care of her and defeated them temporarily.

She tries to protect him and in that case, she gets injured then the hero of the story Dev takes that girl to the earth and admits her to the hostile where he comes to know that, the girl he saw on the moon was Tara who was his love and the only friend of his childhood but Tara went into comma and Dev needed her help to defeat the power on the surface of moon and then suddenly Tara came out from comma but she forget all the things. Chand Jalne Laga airs Monday through Friday at 9:30 pm on Colours TV and online at Dramaschannel. On October 7, 2023, the channel launched its debut promo showcasing the station’s lead cast.

Chand Jalne Laga Spoilers:

What will happen next? Does Tara remember her past and save Dev from evil people on the Moon? Watch all the episodes on our website for free.

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