Katha Ankahee Serial Cast, Twist, Story, Spoilers,and Latest News

Katha Ankahee Serial Cast:

In the Katha Ankahee series, you can see a lot of Indian drama stars like Aditi Sharma who played the role of the main leading female role and “Adnan Khan” played the main male leading role in this serial. You can watch many other stars in this drama.

Katha Ankahee serial Owner :

The owner of the company was Viann Raghuvanshi, who had a very disturbing past as his father was a very cheated person he left him and his mother alone on their own for the sake of another woman.


The story begins with a single mother “Katha Singh” who had to face all the difficulties after becoming a widow and everyone became very rude to them. She had a son who was suffering from a last condition blood cancer. He should have to treated immediately other that kid lost his life for that she started to work in a company where she worked hard to become successful and then she could treat her son with the salary of that job. All these things affected Viann very badly and he worked hard and soon became a very successful businessman and started this company on his own. For that, he just believed that all women are the same and they love you for the sake of money.

The same in “Katha Ankahee”  When Katha went to her boss Viann to borrow some money for her son’s operation. He realizes that she wants his wealth and wants to play with him after that he demands that he will give her money as much as she wants if she spends a night with her. She first refused to accept this after seeing her son’s condition she agreed I sleep with him. But he just wanted to test her and he succeeded and gave her money and when he got to know about the truth that she used all the money on the treatment of his only son who was suffering from a very acute cancer.

Ankahee Katha Sony Entertainment Television Tv Serials Episode 1 airs on Dramaschannel on December 5, 2022, Monday through Friday at 8:30 PM. When he came to know that she was a noble lady he then started to fall in love with each other and got married soon. After some months, they revealed the truth to their families her son died because of his disease and she had to lose her own she left the family and started her life alone in the new city without telling Viann and he totally got mental in finding the Katha after releasing from jail he started to search Katha and tried his best to reach her and tell her the truth about all the situation.

What will happen next? Does Viann tell the reality to Katha? For that stay connected and watch all episodes here.

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